Healing a memory

Awakened by the phone,
mind in a coffee-less fog,
“Are you watching this?
A plane hit the
World Trade Center!”

Uncomprehending, I flip
on the TV. The mighty
tower standing, smoking –
until it collapses, killing many
under hate’s awful weight.

Our world has changed
much since that morning.
Suspicion, anger, revenge
have become constant
companions. Fears abides.

Yet, peace lies dormant
below the surface of our
hearts, waiting to emerge,
to break through the soil
of our fearful hearts.

Forgiving One, teach us
to forgive, teach us to love
those who hurt us, who
would destroy us. Help us
to forgive.  Let Your Peace
bloom in our hearts. Grow

it’s tendrils, stretch them
out into our world that they
may overtake our violence
and anger. Let Hope flower,
Your peace-filled Light shine.

11 September 2015

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