Grey skies warn,
soon comes a storm.
Bolts crease the dark sky,
booms shake the walls,
threatening the calm.

Rain comes, gently
at first, then a torrent.
Water rushes, splashing
indentations in the dry
ground, a healing power.

Soon the rush slows
to a steady drip off leaves.
Turning softly quiet, the dust
of life now washed away,
new life soon to emerge.

10 May 2021

Storms fascinate me. The power of a sudden storm awakens the depths of my soul. To be in the presence of such power is a holy moment. I am reminded of my small humanity, of my need for help and Divine Protection. And, when the storm passes and all is calm, my senses are awakened to the reality that new life will emerge from the ground. And I am encouraged, reminded that the storms in life are brief but life giving. Once the torrent ends, peace and life fills the empty space in my life. Growth comes in the aftermath of our storms.