Hunting for sunsets

Poem written at Camp Capers and photo taken at the F9 Ranch. Two places where I encounter the Holy.

Hunting for sunsets

wherever I go.

Chasing down rays

of shimmering light

breaking through

tree branches

which, like arms,

reach out with

empty embrace for

a lover moved on

before the oncoming

darkness covers

a land who’s stories

fill hearts and minds

of days long past,

with moments of joy

and song filling this

newest night with

wonder and hope.

29 May 2017

Ram Lopez

The Gift of Connection

Too often I find myself overwhelmed by the day.-to-day chores of life. When that happens I miss the opportune moments to notice who God has placed in my life.

This poem is a about a moment when I stopped what I was doing to say hello, to introduce myself and connect with another human being and discover that, in spite of our outward differences, we all share challenges, hopes and dreams.

Take some time in the next few days to look around at the people you encounter regularly. And see if God might be nudging you to make a connection with another human being, another precious child of God!