Curve ball

Feeling a bit low after my little injury, a friend reminded me that this was just a curve ball and that blessings might lie on the other side.  And today I am aware of many who have been thrown some very nasty curve balls in life.  And I thought of St. Paul.  I pray these words might bring comfort and hope.

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8.31)

No baseball pitcher can match the
nastiness of the curveballs life throws.
Just when I thought I had a good
read on things, a sense of rhythm
and timing, here comes the pitch.
I stand mesmerized as the ball moves
unpredictably leaving me off balance
neither swinging nor checking as the
ball slides past me.  The unexpected
in life is similar. We are caught by
the surprise call from our doctor, by
the policeman at our door, by the
middle of the night ringing of our phone.
Death, especially the tragic kind, steals
our breath. Chests tighten. Jaws clench.
Throbbing starts at the temples, then
moves to our foreheads, as we see
that loss is changing the world as we
have known it. The important becomes
unimportant. Plans fade away like smoke.
“Life is precious,” we say blithely. Yet,
only in face of death can we really see
the truth in those simple words. Through
the lens of dying we can see clearly
the life we’ve been given.  And it’s through
the Dark Night that we find the New Light
of the promised New Day where sorrow
still exists while Hope glows on the horizon.


7 September 2015

3 thoughts on “Curve ball

  1. Exceptionally inspiring. Well, before I read this, I have completed a poem which is filled with a lot of negativity and self-hate but right now I am actually contemplating on whether or not I should post because this has taught me instantaneously that life will only be beautiful if you don’t let these curveballs get into your way, even if they’re being thrown right smack onto your face. Thank you so much for such lovely words on your posts. I am sure many has benefited from your sincerity to motivate self-love in others despite understanding that these words may not impact them forever due to the negativity that’s stuck inside their heads for too long. Some, even decades. Have a great day!


      • I’m truly glad to know that you’re improving with fiery determination. Yes, fight hard! No, I should be the one showing the gratitude. It’s my pleasure anyway….so, thank you!

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