Mark 1.21-28: The Battle Won

Darkness loosed
Darkness run riot
Fingers of evil reach
Clawing away peace of mind
Tearing apart by fear, hatred, alienation
Yet, evil’s desperation reveals Truth, Victory won
His Cross stands empty - evil defeated
Light, Love, Life His gift
Wounded hands, saving all
Light breaks free
Light Victorious

The reality of evil abounds in our own day. The evil forces of this world, as we hear in the Baptismal Liturgy in the Book of Common Prayer, continually seeks “to corrupt and destroy the creatures of God.” Yet, God has already won the battle over evil. Jesus’ cross stands empty. Death has no power. Life, through the saving act of God in Christ, wins. Light wins. Love wins. God wins. The only power evil has is the power humans give it through selfish, self-centered actions and words. We are invited to live in the light. To live a life filled to overflowing with God’s love. Today, reject the powers of evil and live in the power of God’s Love, live in the power of Christ Jesus who has given us the power to cast out the works of darkness. Today, live assured of the Love of Jesus who is the Light of the World.

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