The Lesser Light

Photo credit: Kristy Lynn Cloud

Bright and whole,

radiating warmth
through the cool air,
Lesser Light, you
look upon the works
of Your Creator’s
Hands scurrying,
heads down, serving
the false idols of earth.
Bright night come,
lighten the shadows
of my long night.
Herald of the new day,
reflect the radiance
of our Loving Maker,
shine on as night
wanes. Still my soul
as God’s Glory dawns.
27 October 2015


Life in 7 minute chunks.

Conflict resolved by the
bottom of the hour, with
sales pitches to move us
toward “happily-ever-after.”
But there is no happily-
ever-after in real life. It
exists only in the tepid
reality of high-definition
and mega-pixels carried
into my private world by an
unseen current that washes
away what is left of my soul,
denuding, leaving only a sad
life exchanged for shadows.
21 October 2015
Who said technology was an advance?

…my small part…

…although I’m not sure of all that
preceded my arrival, I do know
I am here now.  Later, things will
move on when I am no longer.
That is the way life is, after all,
in the midst of cries birth occurs,
a new life emerges into the world
in ways which will bring unknown
change into lives ready to face
the ever-changing patterns of
adulthood. Parent and child walk
side by side for a time until the nearing
of a new moment of new life, an ending
that is the beginning of a new reality
and more soft cries heralding a new birth,
transitioning from one voice to the next…


21 October 2015
I contemplated my small part in the larger story of life in the world.  My role is a part but only a part.  So many other parts of the story went along quite well without me before I was born and the story will continue long after I am gone.  I do not get to see the end of the story.  I merely get to have my say while I am here.  The ellipsis is symbolic for me of the words which come before and after me.  I am humbled and grateful…



taking shape

surrounding, bounding

new possibilities for new life

creating, calling out

of nothing all




sounding clear

defining, bringing

fresh expressions of grace

giving, nurturing in

us a gentle




sun peeking

brightening, revealing

the first gasps of day’s breath

speaking, moving

towards joyful




20 October 2015


The flatness that surrounds is dull,

deadening the senses, slowly leeching

life from hapless souls stuck in the

wicked sameness of daily life.


I wake to this morning by morning

wondering if today will provide the

moment of color – deep, renewing,

capable of restoring my voice which


has become sullenly silent.  Why,

I wonder, has the flatness of life

stolen my voice?  How do words

hide in such plain sight?  Is there


a secret to call to them, to bring them

back home, to unleash their power

to reshape the flatness, to renew

what has grown weary, to bring life?



16 October 2015


Music forms as the notes float upward,
little fingers dancing across black and white.

Her voice joins the notes encircling them,
forming a sacred melody of joyful praise.

What calls forth this response of prayer
through song? Who breathes life into

her small voice? O Divine Spirit, ’tis You
who animates the breath pushed through

throat and chords, who leads fingers in
their walk across the ivory keyboard.

Gracious Spirit, You call forth prayer in
ways no words can utter. Only by You

do our music and dance, flowing words,
simple drawings and molded clay emerge

from the creative space, transforming
simple offerings into beautiful Praise.

1 October 2015