This is the second of seven poems written over a three day period during the annual School of Theology Dubose Lectures. The little stone home, Pollywood, in which I stayed and where these were written sits along a bluff guarded by trees who have seen more sunrises than I. It is not far from the Natural Bridge.


Faces familiar.

Greetings sound warmly

Arms embrace remembering

Days long ago when hopes

Overflowed for a future

Of changing lives, sharing

Good News to transform the loss

In a world pained deeply yet

Still not as damaged as it will

Become as the years brought

Burden after burden into our lives

Yet somehow the aches and pains

Of our souls are eased in a moment

Of joyful reunion among companions

Who have undertaken a common

Journey from the Holy Mountain

To carry the Light of our Savior

To those who wander in the

Darkest valleys of daily life.


Ram Lopez – 27 September 2016 – Sewanee, TN


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