This is one of seven poems written over a three day period during the annual School of Theology Dubose Lectures. The little stone home, Pollywood, in which I stayed and where these were written sits along a bluff guarded by trees who have seen more sunrises than I. It is not far from the Natural Bridge.



The Mountain stands

Tall, imposing, welcoming those –

Whose upward trek completed –

Find refuge within Gates

Where Angels roam freely

Returned now after their long

Duty protecting Sons and Daughters

During their sojourn in lands

Afar from the rustling leaves

Of tall oaks and singing birds

Singing songs of welcome

Whistling in dulcet notes the

Song – “Once embraced by the

Master of this Mountain, no matter

How far you travel, the Welcome is

Sweet, your soul’s Feast is served.

You, my Child, are arrived Home.”

By Ram Lopez – 27 September 2016 – Sewanee, TN 


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