“But deep in the darkness is God…”
Rainer Maria Rilke, “The Book of Hours” I, 50

The Dark is my companion.
My fellow Traveler is truly
unwelcome. I would rather have
another. Someone bright, cheery.

But we have come a far ways
together, the Dark and I. There
were times, I admit, that I hoped
my walking partner was lost

on the lighted pathways I enjoyed.
I often prayed to stay in the light,
to give up the journey rather than
risk finding the Dark again.

But the summons was as persistent
as the Dark. Rather, the Summoner
was always calling, always beckoning
me to get up and move along.

The Dark would find me, inevitably,
along shadowed curves on the road
or in the low spots on the path.
So on we would sojourn in silence.

It has taken me over half the journey
to realize that the Summoner has
always been present on the road
with us. Rather, the Summons was.

The same Voice at whose insistent
summons I walk forth from the light
was silently walking alongside me
in the night. I push through the Dark

because of the ever-present call of
the One who seeks me in the brilliant
darkness of time, who strengthens
me in my weakest moments.

I somehow find the courage to trust
that the Light I seek lingers around the
next curve, at the top of the next hill,
waiting to reveal all the Dark has taught me.

20 August 2015

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