Thin Places

There are a few places and moments where the veil between the Divine and Human, between Heaven and Earth, are very thin. I have visited a few – all surprising at that moment!

“Thin Places”
It’s hard to hold in the emotions
in that moment. Deep within the
soul stirs life, animated by the
very Presence of the One who

created life.  Amazing, too, is the
moment of awareness, the moment
where the very ground upon which
one stands is recognized as holy,

sacred, blessed to impart blessing
upon the weary traveler.  What is left
at that point but to be in awe, to fall
in love, to surrender, to release all

that has become burden, to utter an
incomprehensible word of thanks
for another day to un-become and
find our true self reflecting God.

7 August 2015

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