The church I serve has a wonderful day school and today is the last day of class. There are people and parties everywhere!!! Of course, today is the day a cute little skunk decided to wander around the campus courtyard. And while everyone of God’s children is welcome in this church, some of God’s critters are, at times, less welcome than others. Luckily, our little black and white air un-freshener decided to stay hidden amid the hubbub!!  This poem is dedicated to our little smelly friend!!!



Your shiny fur coat


I get that you are amazing,

made to withstand

any foe.

But seriously,

would you want you around?

Your little waddle

is endearing.

And that bright white

stripe is quite fetching

in its own unique way.

But the unpleasant air

surrounding you

when you are on edge

is just too much.

I’m sorry.

You have to leave.

This painful putridity

has brought me to tears.

I am sorry to say this,

but you are


25 May 2017

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