Believing is Seeing – A Sermon

The world is blurry beyond my eyes.


Words like arrows fly by,

an undeclared war amongst

family members who see

only that which proves

their fear shaping words.


Those same fears fill the

innermost places of my hidden

heart which grasps at a

fleeting certainty, a failing

story mistold for power’s sake.


The world is blurry beyond my eyes


perhaps because I who see

can claim my blindness, can

reveal my fears and their power

to misshape all souls, my own,

just as seeing claims believing.


Spit, mud and water – a healing balm –

washes away our blinded sight,

breaks down the dividing wall ‘tween

siblings built by arrogance, anger, fear’s

revealing God’s ever-growing heart.


The world is blurry beyond my eyes;


Human blindness – by grace of Christ – dissolving,

a Godly vision of a new Creation given.


25 March 2017


By Ram Lopez

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