…my small part…

…although I’m not sure of all that
preceded my arrival, I do know
I am here now.  Later, things will
move on when I am no longer.
That is the way life is, after all,
in the midst of cries birth occurs,
a new life emerges into the world
in ways which will bring unknown
change into lives ready to face
the ever-changing patterns of
adulthood. Parent and child walk
side by side for a time until the nearing
of a new moment of new life, an ending
that is the beginning of a new reality
and more soft cries heralding a new birth,
transitioning from one voice to the next…


21 October 2015
I contemplated my small part in the larger story of life in the world.  My role is a part but only a part.  So many other parts of the story went along quite well without me before I was born and the story will continue long after I am gone.  I do not get to see the end of the story.  I merely get to have my say while I am here.  The ellipsis is symbolic for me of the words which come before and after me.  I am humbled and grateful…

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