Morning Nap


I didn’t mean to wake you.

Of all people, I totally get

the need to curl up and nap

in the warm sun after endless days

of clouds and rain.


The breeze is strong enough to

dull the droning noise of

cars speeding over the bridge

a few hundred feet away.

And the water lapping the pier’s

underside is hypnotic.


Alas, the vibration of my soft steps

has awoken you and your love.  The

closer I get, the more you move

towards your mate, protective,

until, finally, I cross the imaginary


line of your patience.  Your spread wings

are dull and lovely as you both take off

into the wind, gently gliding

to a safer, quieter place to nap,

leaving me to my lonely walk.


By Ram Lopez

19 May 2015

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