The gentle breeze blows over the dunes,

across the island making little ripples

as it skips across the bay waters.


It barely makes a noise as it moves

the water surface. So soft is it that I

can see the smooth surface of the sandy


bottom, mottled here and there with grassy

patches.  Where the water churns is where

the bait fish clamber over one another.


Again and again I cast my silver spoon

into the clear water hoping I will feel

the pull of a bite. But the bite never comes.


And in those minutes of no bite, that

clear water brings to mind the murkiness

that hides my soul. The cloudy mix of pains.


Clear water wash away the murky pains

of my heart. Rinse my spirit. Give your clarity.

Let the gentle Wind breathe peace into me.


By Ram Lopez

4 June 2015


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