“…write this…”

“…write this…”
You say so many times
in the Bible that I think
You may have a preferential
option towards writers, like me.

While I am comfortable with
that possibility, I suspect my
potter son and painting
mother-in-law might
beg to differ.

Perhaps “write this” is just
the easiest way to get your Word
across for a people
who couldn’t carry easels, paint
and kilns to harden and glaze.

You could have also said “turn this”
to the potter whose deft hands shape
into being a piece of pottery just
the right shape to hold your silent
gift of peace for an troubled heart.

You could also have said, “paint this”
to another’s inner Picasso who splashes
bright, cheery gold, red and violet
oil paints on a canvas to brighten
the dark, dreary room of a soul.

I can hear “sing this,” “play that,”
“enjoy all this,” from Your lovely
lips and see all sorts of Your kids
jump up to speak in their various
tongues the joy You seek to share.

Poets, painters, potters, singers,
drummers, builders, teachers,
students, seamstresses, all
the saints really, are whom
You prefer to speak for you,

to sing Your song in this strange land,
to give the “just in time” gift we need.

By Ram Lopez
16 June 2015

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